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Mar 19 17:45:37

<ben9> i have a variable $foo, how can i add a space every 80 characters?
<mordaunt> it's designed for this stuff
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<greycat> Trying to parse HTML with a shell script is like trying to open a can of corn with a spoon.
<ben9> (with string ops)
<redondos> ben9: loop + parameter expansion
<MitchM> awk would get it done quickly.
<greycat> so would sed.
<MitchM> *nods*
<redondos> So would perl. :/
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<MitchM> perl is a little chunky for something that simple
<redondos> granted. :)
<ben9> i'll go with sed/awk as looping would look ugly for a small task like that
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<greycat> sed 's/\(................................................................................\)/\1 /g'
<goldfish> haha.
<ben9> can't i use the mutiplier operator?
<uniplex> oh sheesh, who the hell taught him that
<ben9> whatever iti s { } thing
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<goldfish> ben9: yes.
<greycat> Pssssht.
<greycat> Kids.
<goldfish> But the above is funnier :)
<ben9> uniplex: i think he was taunting me
<ben9> goldfish: how does that work?
<uniplex> ben9 google interval expressions, maybe you find what you want to know
<greycat> if mine's so "funny", how come I don't see the rest of you offering answers?  hmm?>
<goldfish> Oh right, it was serious.
<greycat> is it because you're all spending 30 minutes trying to look up obscure syntactic shit instead of just pasting 80 dots and KNOWING it'll work?
<uniplex> lol only a fucking idiot is gona make 80 dots
<greycat> "OMG it has 80 dots in it that's so old skul i got a better 1 lol"

Mar 21 14:15:31

<skirmisha> how can i check with if that this $dir is not empty
<greycat> array=(*)
<greycat> !faq empty
<greybot> http://wooledge.org/mywiki/bashfaq#faq4 -- how can i check whether a directory is empty or not?
<skirmisha> i want to check variable not directory
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<greycat> help test
<skirmisha> something with -eq =0
<greycat> and don't come bitching at us later when you find out you're doing it all wrong.  we did tell you.
<trash> i bet he also continues using foo=`ls`
<greycat> i bet he even tries to iterate over the files inside the $foo string.
<greycat> i bet he didn't even understand my array=(*) answer to the first aborted attempted at a question.

2012-07-01 04:09