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MoinMoin has the capability to use in-context comments to directly add some comment or additional information to the place you are commenting on, while still enabling the user to get a clean display of the page contents without the comments.

The edit bar has a toggle for the visibility of these comments.

(!) Just click on Comments to toggle the visibility (requires Javascript enabled in your browser).

The comments will usually be rendered slightly different from normal text (e.g. different colour), so the user can still see what is main content and what is a comment.

1. Inline comments

1.1. Markup

Diamonds are expensive. /* BTW, there are also inexpensive industrial diamonds. */ Their price depends on multiple factors: ...

1.2. Display

Diamonds are expensive. Their price depends on multiple factors: ...

2. Comment sections

2.1. Markup

Some normal text.

{{{#!wiki comment
This is just a wiki parser using a div class="comment" to contain its output.
 1. first
 1. second
 1. ...

More normal text.

2.2. Display

Some normal text.

More normal text.

3. Hints for using comments

Additionally to the comments feature, there is also the "supplementation page" feature (see HelpOnConfiguration/SupplementationPage).

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